Skiing and snowboarding

Malinô Brdo offers wide selection of ski slopes for every age group, from elementary to adrenaline level. Pick a slope that suits you the most.


Malinô Brdo has prepared great conditions for skiing. Whether you are a beginner, experienced skier or just simply love adrenalin our ski slopes suitable for all categories of skiers. Choose the length of the slope from 200 m up to 3,9 km to suit your needs. You can get to top with one of 6 ski lifts, 4-person chairlift and also with state-of-the-art 8-person gondola cableway.


Fans of freestyle skiing and snowboarding are able to rise their blood pressure in Malinô Brdo Snow Park that is more than 200 m long with 8 features. (More information about Snow Park)

Ski resort

Spolu 12 km zjazdoviek 12 km of slopes
in total
Až 3,9 km dlhá zjazdovka Up to 3.9 km long
8-miestna lanovka 8-person
cable way
8 vlekov a lanoviek 8 button lifts
and gondolas
Vyžitie aj pre nelyžiarov Activities for

Slopes for beginners and intermediate

You can take a lift from Hrabovo to Malinô Brdo with state-of-the-art 1,770 m long 8-person gondola cableway that transports 1,500 persons per hour. 4-person chairlift, 2 ski lifts and 4 lifts for beginners and children are situated directly in the center of the resort.

1 slope for beginners 2,900 m long

5 slopes for pre-intermediate, 4,500 m in total

3 slopes for intermediate, 3,100 m in total