Ski courses

Elementary and High schools

  • full day skipass €7 valid from 7. 1. until the end of ski season.

Discount conditions:

  • This price is valid only for elementary and high school upon submission of full list signed by a headmaster of the school (name, date of birth) with the condition of age limit met as well. Purchase 15 skipasses and get 1 for your instructor free.
  • Condition of providing this price for ski course is to purchase skipasses only at the marketing department in valley station of 8-person cable way.
  • In case of health or other reasons that would prevent skiing all days it is possible to return money for non-skiing days only upon medical report is set forth.
  • Group that would be given this price must have minimum of 15 persons + instructor.
  • In case that there is more than one instructor for 15 persons, it shall purchase skipass at the same price as the rest of the group.
  • Should this ski course occur during the weekend it is required to purchase skipasses for a minimum of 3 days.
  • All skipasses are issued on a smart card for which there is a deposit of €2. This deposit shall be returned after completing the ski course only at the marketing department for the functional smart cards without any damage.


  • Full day skipass €13 or 5 day skipass €52 valid from 7.1.2016 until the end of season.

Conditions for discount are similar as for elementary or high schools.