Slovak shepherd’s hut

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Shepherd's hut At a good shepherd's (3,1 km)


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Tel.: +421 917 440 604, +421 44 432 79 20


Have you visited Čutkovská dolina? Make sure not to miss the opportunity to spend night at a Slovak log cabin in one of the stylish rooms that would remind you times long gone, yet neat, with a smell of wood and the comfort of our days. Rooms are carefully furnished with traditional furniture, massive, distinctive wooden ceilings and exceptional bathrooms with the total capacity of our shepherd's hut 18 beds.


Looking for a traditional meal with local Liptov cuisine? Visit a newly-built beautiful fairy tale shepherd's hut At a good shepherd's at the mouth of undiscovered Čutkovská valley situated only 2 km from the famous Ružomberok – Malinô Brdo resort. We offer you an exceptional stay in a traditional Slovak restaurant with a touch of tranquility from the crackling wood in the huge stone fireplace.

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Ski resort

Spolu 12 km zjazdoviek 12 km of slopes
in total
Až 3,9 km dlhá zjazdovka Up to 3.9 km long
8-miestna lanovka 8-person
cable way
8 vlekov a lanoviek 8 button lifts
and gondolas
Vyžitie aj pre nelyžiarov Activities for